Car Critical: Getting a Brake Fluid Check

Your brake system depends on the brakes having enough fluid to transmit force as you press down to stop your car. If your brake fluid has depleted, you may not be driving your car any time soon.

Getting your brakes checked includes fluid maintenance. You want to make sure that you have brake fluid at all times so that heat generated under your brakes does not become so great that it cannot transfer force from your brakes to stop.

You may need to get a diagnostic on your brakes at your next service appointment if you find that your brakes are squealing or you have a warning light on your dash. This might mean that your brake fluid is low. If you are a heavy foot or have not changed your brake fluid in a while, you may be in need of service. You can work with the service team at Crosstown Motors to get a full brakes diagnostic. They offer the best rates in Littleton on multiple brake services.

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