Air Filters Are for Your Car Too!

The air in your home often goes through an air filter before it reaches you and your family. And luckily, the same thing happens in your vehicle too! That is why we here at Crosstown Motors in Littleton want to tell you all about your car's engine and cabin air filters.

The engine filter keeps dirt and grime out of the engine's air intake valve while the cabin air filter keeps the air you breath while driving fresh and clean. These two different types of air filters have been known to last as little as thirty thousand miles or as much as 45,000 miles. This number is largely determined by the environment in which you drive most frequently.

If you would like us to replace both your cabin and engine air filters for you or need any other tasks completed on your car be sure to stop on by or give us a call to schedule an appointment at Crosstown Motors in Littleton today!

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