Well-Loved Interior Features of the Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a popular compact SUV complete with many fun and beneficial interior features. Two examples are the dual-pane sunroof and touchscreen display. You can enjoy the extra driving ease technology provides as well as let the sun and wind in the jeep on beautiful days.

The dual-pane sunroof consists of two parts. Open the front panel to let in light and fresh air. The back panel is fixed, consistently offering sky viewing for everyone in the second row. Screen size of the touchscreen display, ranging from 5-8.4", varies depending on which Jeep Compass you choose. The UConnect 4C NAV features an 8.4" touchscreen. With the UConnect 4, you can choose from a 7" or 8.4" display.

Equipped with a dual-pane sunroof and touchscreen display, the Jeep Compass is a fun compact SUV to drive. You can test drive the Jeep Compass at Crosstown Motors in Littleton, NH.

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