Towing Guide Essentials Every Driver Should Know

Your friends at Crosstown Motors wanted to make certain you are prepared to tow another vehicle by offering up this safety guide.

  • The tires on the trailer may appear fine now, but what about after the other vehicle is loaded up? Check the pressure a little while after the vehicle is in place to see if air is escaping.
  • Now is the time to check the trailer's tail lights, signal lights, and turn signals.
  • Don't assume because the vehicle is on the trailer that you're set. Check the weight has been distributed evenly from side to side to reduce the chances the trailer tips over on sharp turns.
  • Be sure you have a jack on board that can lift the weight of the trailer and vehicle.

Bring your vehicle to our service center at Crosstown Motors before attempting to tow another vehicle, so we can make certain it is going to easily handle pulling the extra load.

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