Dodge Journey Offers Supreme Protection

Dodge understands the importance of choosing a vehicle designed to give maximum assurance in any road condition. That is why the Journey was designed with the highest standards of safety features, engineered to keep families safe and comfortable. The Journey enthusiasts at Crosstown Motors in Littleton, NH are ready to serve all of your automotive purchasing needs as we answer any questions you have about this popular mid-size SUV.

The Dodge Journey boasts seven standard airbags, outfitting the SUV to provide maximum protection at all angles. Included in this airbag configuration are front seat-mounted side airbags, supplemental side-curtain airbag, and a driver’s knee bolster airbag, all working together to add an extra layer of security in the event that it is needed.

The expertly engineered front and rear crumple zones work to take on the impact energy, shielding passengers from the brunt of the force and lessening the risk of injury.

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