Added Care+ vs. Maximum Care: Which Plan is Right for You?

We at Crosstown Motors always feel that it's best to keep consumers informed about the options that are available to them. One question we often hear is whether or not drivers should get the Added Care+ or Maximum Care plan when they sign up for Mopar® Vehicle Protection.

Both of these plans offer somewhat similar coverage for motorists. Added Care+ can be used to replace over 850 different individual components. Many of the things it covers are part of the drivetrain, which means that they're the ones most likely to fail. As a result, Added Care+ should prove attractive to many people who primarily use their car to tackle the daily commute.

Maximum Care plans offer extended coverage on over 5,000 different parts of a vehicle, which makes it particularly attractive to those who use their Chrysler-branded car or truck for work. Even if broke down outside of Littleton, NH, Mopar®'s plan could help cover repair costs.

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