The New Panda Waze Is Finally Here

The new Panda Waze is here and putting a whole new array of features on display. 


After making a big splash in European sales with its first version as the Cross interpretation of the Panda, it’s getting a fresh edition that incorporates new technology in exciting ways. The Fiat Panda has been the best selling city car for the past 15 years in Europe and this new edition looks to continue that trend.


From the outset, the newly stylized Panda looks to make a visual splash wherever it goes. This new edition features new colors like Gelato White, Giotto BLue, Sole Yellow, Moda Grey, Amore Red, and metallic Colosseo Grey. Inside, the interior maintains its sense of dynamic style with the white and green stitching in the black fabric seating.


The technologies in the new Panda Waze continue the new tradition of integrating useful features from the Waze navigation application. By using the “Panda U-Connect” app, drivers can get access to live-updated information provided by the incredibly active Waze community about conditions on the road including traffic speeds, alternate routes, and even stopped vehicles on the side of the road.


The “Panda U-Connect” app is just one more way that Fiat is making your driving experience more integrated with the technology you carry with you at all times. By giving you access to features like “Find myCar,” “My Car,” and “Object Reminder,” Fiat drivers will enjoy an added layer of control and awareness about their vehicle. 


These are just a few of the ways that the new Panda Waze has been carefully designed for the modern driver. By finding the smartest solutions, and making them accessible for everyone in a fun and exciting way, Fiat continues to push the envelope in what can be accomplished on the road.

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