boss snow plows and spreaders always ready.   

Don't wait around for someone else to take care of the snow on your street or driveway. When the snow starts to fall, know you have what it takes to deal with the weather when you hook up your Boss Snow Plow. These plows are built to take on the toughest weather with confidence. If you're serious about clearing the way, the choice is clear.


The Right Tools For The Job

When snow and ice are piling up on the roads, you can't take on the task with just any plow. That's why the experts at Crosstown Motors have the tools you really need: Boss Snow Plows. For personal plowing needs or even clearing a whole town, there's no better option.


Plows For Every Occasion

We know that no plow is one size fits all, which is why we carry a wide variety. From simple straight-edge plows, to extended 10 ft options, or even a v-plow. We've got you covered with plows that will fit your Ram truck perfectly so that you know you're secure while you clear the roads.


More Than Just Plows

Dealing with the snow isn't all there is to winter. In addition to plows, we also offer Boss Salt & Sand Spreaders to make sure your roads stay clear and maintain traction. These spreaders are built to endure the tough conditions of harsh weather, so you spend more time driving and less time fixing. From small scale to large work truck models, we've got it all.


If you're looking to get a Boss Snow Plow or Boss Salt & Sand Spreader for this upcoming winter season, stop into Crosstown Motors today. Our team can talk to you about your needs and find the perfect fit for you and your truck. Don't wait until the snow's already on the road, get yours today!

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