Wow a Crowd with a Dodge Grand Caravan

The Dodge Grand Caravan is available with a great bundle called the Blacktop package. If you pick this package, you'll get a variety of great features that can wow a crowd.

This Dodge automobile will command attention while it's parked because it has glossy rims that stand out. Around the base of the wheels, there are strategically spaced pockets that have their own glossy design scheme. More stylish elements are found in the cabin near the driver's seat. The standout component in this area is the steering wheel as it's wrapped in a soft leather material that has silver accent stitching. Next to the wheel, there is a leather shift knob that blends with the black driver's seat, which has silver stitching. Accent stitching is a highlight element in the Dodge Grand Caravan and is featured on all of the seats in the cabin.

Many Dodge Grand Caravans are available in Littleton, NJ at Crosstown Motors. The Blacktop is offered with every Dodge Grand Caravan trim.

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